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Jayne Fenton Keane‘s insight:

Title: Insect Assassin.
Artist : Michael Landsberg
Description : "A number of techniques exist for studying the structure of proteins – the ""worker molecules"" of the cell that often combine into fascinating, multimeric assemblies and cooperatively perform a massive array of cellular tasks critical to life. This image draws inspiration from the technique of single particle analysis, highlighting how it is now possible with current technology to reconstruct, in three-dimensions, images of individual macromolecular protein complexes. The ""walls"" of the room illustrate various steps in the process of single particle analysis – the visualisation of individual protein complexes, computational image averaging and three-dimensional reconstruction – to obtain a final three-dimensional structure. The structure shown floating in the centre of the room is around 30 nanometres in length (around one millionth of a centimetre) was determined by combining over 10 000 images captured by electron microscopy and is being investigated because of its insecticidal properties."

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