Help needed finding whales

Photo: Michael Double

Photo: Michael Double

Pygmy blue whale dorsal fin: note mottling (colouration and patterning on skin), photograph the left and right side of whale if possible and scars or unusual markings on other parts of the body. The Southern Ocean Research Partnership is seeking images of Southern Ocean whales, in particular blue, killer and humpback whales, to add to our research database. We are keen to receive your identification photos and information about blue, killer, humpback or southern right whales you might spot while working or cruising in the Southern Ocean.

Our online whale sighting report form allows you to upload photographs and information to our database, making a valuable contribution to whale science and conservation. This is our preferred option for receiving data as it streamlines processing.

Or you can download the whale sighting report form from and use this to record your sighting.

SORP coordinator
Australian Marine Mammal Centre
Australian Antarctic Division
203 Channel Highway
Kingston, Tas, 7050

SORP greatly appreciates the assistance received from individuals, and the tourism, shipping and fishing industries in helping us to collect sightings data.

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