Big Science Summit Speakers Wanted

Science Rewired is looking for six compelling speakers to contribute to its Summit programme on the 6th & 7th June to map the emerging challenges for science communication in Australia and to collaboratively develop best-practice solutions. Each session shares a single key lesson learnt from communicating science in Australia whether a glorious success or spectacular failure. You’ll have 5 minutes to convey your message using whatever means you wish. Everyone knows that knowledge is power – but sharing that knowledge can be the catalyst for real collective change.

Submissions open

All submissions received will be posted to our Summit website and we’ll be asking the participants to vote on which presentations they think are the best fit. You can vote once per submission using a ‘thumbs up’. You’re also free to leave constructive feedback about what you do or do not like about the proposals you vote on. While voting from the science community is important, we’ll also be asking the Summit advisory team (Inspiring Australia, DIISRTE, TechNyou and ScienceRewired) to play a role in the decision making process.

We’ll be looking for submissions which align to the Summit themes, demonstrate innovative thinking, have relevant outcomes, and have a beneficial message in sharing knowledge.

Your input matters …

We’ll notify all applicants by the 22nd May – and the six successful individuals will also be invited to join the Summit.

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