Inspirations From the Deserts: Science engagement in and about Australia’s desert regions


The deserts have the power to inspire all Australians. As the most productive region in export income per capita in Australia, they play a vital role in its future. The science that explains, reveals and develops opportunities within this region is essential to creating both inspiration and driving prosperity.

The Inspirations from the Deserts: Science engagement in and about Australia’s desert regions [PDF 1.5 MB, DOC 827 kB], commissioned by Inspiring Australia and led by the Cooperative Research Centre for Remote Economic Participation (CRC-REP) and Ninti One, provide key recommendations on science engagement in our desert regions.

These recommendations include:

  1. That the Commonwealth fund a Secretariat to coordinate and facilitate a Desert Science Network (DSN).
  2. That existing science communication organisations and relevant bodies be invited to join a national alliance or network, to be known as the Desert Science Network (DSN).
  3. That the Commonwealth provide funding to the DSN for desert science communication projects and activities to help establish the work of the DSN.
  4. That the DSN establish best practice models for desert science communication that can be adopted by other organisations to improve their outreach. These should be based on measurement and assessment of the effectiveness of existing projects.
  5. That the DSN adopt a ‘key themes’ approach to enable prioritisation among competing science communication activities.
  6. That the DSN adopt the decision-making principles outlined on page 11 in their funding decisions for science communication activities.
  7. That the DSN seek to ensure that desert science communication activities contain a focus on local knowledge, Aboriginal traditional knowledge and scientific knowledge systems working together.
  8. That the DSN seek to ensure that people across the full breadth of the Australian deserts have reasonable access to science communication activities.

For more information contact the Inspiring Australia team by email or telephone 02 6270 2803.

Click here to read this story on the Inspiring Australia website.

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