Meet our Curator talks, Queensland Museum Southbank


Queensland Museum South Bank is holding a series of Meet Our Curator talks and presentations for National Archaeology Week (19 – 25 May 2013).


Meet our Curator: Archaeology of Mephisto
Wednesday 22 May, 1:00-1:45pm

Join us for a free talk and Q&A on our ongoing research into the history of “Mephisto”, one of our most-loved collection items, with Queensland Museum’s Queensland Stories Senior curator Dr Michael Westaway.

Level 2 Theatre. Free.


Meet our Curator: Surviving Drought
Thursday 23 May, 1-2 pm.

Join Queensland Museum Curator of Archaeology Dr Brit Asmussen for this fascinating discussion. What strategies did Aboriginal Australians use to overcome the peak drought events of the last 5000 years? We can all appreciate how fickle the Australian climate can be, with frequent severe droughts and floods. Imagine surviving these events without any modern conveniences, and for multiple generations.

Discovery Centre, Level 3. Free.


Meet our Archaeology Curator: Identifying Stone Artefacts
Friday 24 May, 1-2pm

Join Queensland Museum Archaeology Curator Dr Brit Asmussen, Environments Program, and learn how to identify stone artefacts and what they can tell archaeologists.

Discovery Centre, Level 3. Free.


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