Quoll Seekers Network News May 2013 – Quoll Seeking Success!


‘Quoll seeking’ success in the south-east!

Project: Community Engagement and Surveys for Quolls in the Scenic Rim

We are very excited (to say the least) that after years of searching for quolls in the south-east the hard work has finally paid off. A beautiful healthy male quoll has been captured on camera during surveys conducted in the Scenic Rim under an Environmental grant awarded to us from the Scenic Rim Regional Council. It was a collaborative effort between Keith McCosh – Natural Resources Officer for the Council, Alina Zwar, dedicated quoll researchers Ivell and Jim Whyte, and many QSN volunteers.

The project’s aims include field surveys utilising camera traps in search of quolls following a road kill specimen found in the Mt. Alford area of Moogerah in March 2012, and engage with the community to create awareness. Surveys began in February, and after months of deploying up to 14 cameras at 8 sites in the Mt Alford area, lugging 10 kg of chicken carcasses as bait through waist-deep grassland, up mountainsides, and exploring caves, just when we thought there was another 1,000 photos of cows, we jumped for joy when we saw spots!
We have also captured some fantastic wildlife shots of the endangered brush-tail rock wallaby, rufous bettong, wedge-tailed eagle, phascogale and a curious koala to name a few. We hope this evidence will support further quoll seeking activities and help raise awareness of the plight of quolls in Queensland.

For more on the Quoll Seekers Network, including information on how to ‘Adopt a Quoll’, read the newsletter here: http://www.wildlife.org.au/projects/quolls/enews/qsn0513/


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