The Indigenous Digital Excellence Summit is the culmination of academic research, face-to-face consultations and the six-week online collaboration. To be held at the NCIE in Sydney on June 27-28, the summit aims to be an interactive and collaborative event between 40 leading thinkers from across Australia. We will emerge from the two-day event with a deeper understanding of what Indigenous digital excellence is and with a number of actionable solutions for the National Indigenous Digital Excellence Strategy.

Through the IDEA process we hope to begin forming a movement for Indigenous Digital Excellence. By 2014, we hope to be implementing the National Strategy and working in collaboration with key stakeholders towards tangible outcomes for Indigenous Digital Excellence.

Your input and involvement in the online collaboration will feed into what is discussed across the two days. Progress from the summit will be tracked on the Trello Board and fed into our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

The summit participants, or co-designers, are made up of young Indigenous people who demonstrate a keen interest in the digital space, have connection to community and display leadership. Joining them are established Indigenous leaders, Indigenous facilitators and non-Indigenous facilitators and tech experts. A full list of participants is being compiled here.

Two spots are up for grabs at the summit with flights and accommodation covered. If you’re a young Indigenous person (aged 18-30) and can demonstrate the qualities listed above, click here for information on how to enter so you can join us in person to co-create a nation where all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders can thrive in the digital world.

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