EarthWatch Appeal 2013


Marine debris is one of the greatest threats Australia faces. As a nation we are consuming 1.4 million tonnes of plastic a year. Only 14% of this is recycled and the rest can take 500 years or more to decompose in the ocean.

Despite seeing and knowing that marine debris exists, the vast majority of us are still unaware of just how serious the problem is for our environment.

Watch our video to learn how you can support ocean research through the Earthwatch Annual Appeal 2013.

Donate Now
By donating to Earthwatch in this year’s Annual Appeal your generosity and commitment will help our citizens and scientists work together to provide the evidence needed to conserve our remarkable oceans and create a sustainable future for marine wildlife and our own wellbeing.

Support ocean research by making a donation online or phone Earthwatch today on 03 9016 7590.

If you become a regular donor at $10 or more per month, we will send you a set of up-and-coming re-useable products by new Earthwatch partner, Frank Green

Frank Green’s mission is to compel a greater number of well-meaning Australians, businesses and communities to join in the fight against unsustainable production and to minimise landfill.

By showing your support we will send you a Frank Green coffee cup and filter bottle so you too can reduce your use of plastics.

Please also share the video and appeal page with your friends, family or colleagues to help bring awareness to the issue of marine debris.
Kind Regards,

The Earthwatch Australia Team

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