Townsville: Perception Deception Exhibition at Museum of Tropical Queensland


Prepare to have your view of the world tested in this new exhibition that challenges your grip on reality. 

Perception Deception contains 15 exhibits with 37 reality-altering interactive experiences as well as graphics that display visual illusions and perception tests. You literally won’t believe your eyes when you see the illusions on display – they will amaze, fascinate and also teach you more about the way you look at the world.

The exhibition features a series of illusion artworks that gave visitors the chance to discover that reality is really only our perception of the world and that no two people perceive things exactly the same way.

Japanese vision scientist Akiyoshi Kitaoka developed these seriously mind-altering images to study people’s eye and brain activity while viewing the illusions.

Perception Deception is another great exhibition from Questacon and will be at the Museum of Tropical Queensland’s Science Centre until July 21.  Admission is included in the cost of the museum admission fee.

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