EMBL PhD Symposium


EMBL Australia will support 20 Australian PhD students to join their peers from around the world at the EMBL PhD Symposium at EMBL’s main campus in Heidelberg, Germany.

It’s an opportunity to make connections with students from around the world and get new insight into your own research direction. The Symposium brings together fellow students from around the world for a three-day series of talks by leading experts – and by students themselves.

It’s organised each year by first-year PhD students at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, and includes networking opportunities, poster sessions and workshops with experts.

This year’s theme is Competition in Biology – The Race for Survival from Molecules to Systems:

From enzyme catalysis to ecosystems dynamics, biology is riddled with competition. DNA sequences compete for transcription factor binding to be expressed, cells in communities often compete for resources, pathogens compete against host immune systems, and on a larger scale, organisms compete against each other for limited resources in their environment.

Apply online at www.emblaustralia.org/students/grants

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