Nominations are open for the $50,000 biennial CSL Florey Medal


Sir Howard Florey took penicillin from an idea to a drug that has saved literally hundreds of millions of lives.

Nominate Australia’s best health and medical researchers for the $50,000 CSL Florey Medal, established by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science (AIPS) in 1998 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Sir Howard Florey.

The CSL Florey Medal honours Australian researchers who have had significant achievements in biomedical science and/or in advancing human health.

  • Nominees should have completed a significant portion of their nominated research achievements in Australia.
  • Nominations will be accepted for an individual, and for up to three named persons for joint nominations. Full research teams are not eligible.
  • Self-nominations are not eligible.
  • Nominees must be either permanent residents or citizens of Australia.
  • While the selection criteria focus on research achievements, nominations from those working in industry or government sectors and demonstrating an equally high level of achievement are encouraged.

The winner will receive a silver medal and a $50,000 cheque at the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes’ annual dinner in Parliament House, Canberra, on Monday 28 October 2013.

Since 1998, the prize has been awarded seven times: Graeme Clark (2011), John Hopwood (2009), Ian Frazer (2006), Peter Colman (2004), Colin Masters (2002), Jacques Miller (2000), Robin Warren and Barry Marshall (1998).

For more details and to nominate online, head to:

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