QLD Polymer Group Symposium


Recent Advances in Polymer Science and Engineering

QLD Polymer Group Symposium


Chairs: Dr Kristofer Thurecht (University of Queensland)

Dr James Blinco (Queensland University of Technology)


Thursday, 4thJuly, Gibson Room, QUT (Gardens Point campus)

Professor Mitsuo Sawamoto – Kyoto University, Japan

Assoc. Professor Derek Irvine – Nottingham University, UK

Professor Jean Francois Lutz – University of Strasbourg, France


Networking Mixer – Level 6 Science and Engineering Building, QUT (Gardens Point campus)


Friday, 5 July, Level 1 Seminar Room, AIBN, UQ (St Lucia campus)
9:30 am start

Assoc. Prof. Eva Harth – Vanderbilt University, US

Prof. Stefan Braese – KarlsruherInstitute for Technology, Germany

Assoc. Prof. Brent Summerlin – University of Florida, US

Prof. Martina Stenzel – University of New South Wales, Australia

Assoc. Prof. Nicolay Tsarevsky – Southern Methodist University, US

Prof. Zi-Chen Li – Peking University, China

Prof. Cameron Alexander – Nottingham University, UK


No registration is required for this event

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