Queensland Museum – Uniform Competition

 qm mini logo

Got a great idea for our new staff uniforms?

We are seeking fresh design ideas for new uniforms for Visitor Service Officers, Volunteers and Discovery Centre staff, which reflect the spirit of Queensland Museum and the Sciencentre.

The winning design will be developed further with a professional designer and new uniforms will appear in early 2014.

This design process is open to visitors, students, friends and staff of the Museum. The competition closes 22 July 2013.

The design brief
Make sure you refer to the design brief for all the details you’ll need. Some of the details are listed below:

Visitor Services Officers, Volunteers & Discovery Centre staff have duties including:

  • Customer Service and enquiries
  • Delivering talks & Science Shows
  • Cleaning and lifting
  • Ticketing
  • Managing spaces and crowds
  • Promoting events and information
  • Support evening functions and events
  • Working in both Museum and Sciencentre spaces

We want our staff and uniforms to bring the Museum story to life by being:

  • Approachable and friendly
  • Casual and helpful
  • Authoritative and informative
  • Professional and proud to be part QM


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