Australia’s Favourite Children’s TV Program to Return Online


After being off air for 23 years, the acclaimed children’s science program Curiosity Show is making a return on the Curiosity Show YouTube Channel  –

Curiosity Show was a nationally broadcast science and technology television program for young people, including segments on natural history, astronomy, music, technology and puzzles. It is remembered for its emphasis on how to make working machines and models from everyday materials around the home.

Written and presented by Dr Deane Hutton and Dr Rob Morrison, Curiosity Show ran on national Australian television for 18 years from 1972 until 1990. It was broadcast for years in many countries, including Europe, where it was dubbed into German.

More than 500 programs were produced, with a total of around 5000 segments, Deane and Rob have selected hundreds of their favourite segments for the new Curiosity Show YouTube Channel.

The new Curiosity Show YouTube Channel will be launched by Enabled Solutions in mid winter in the week of July 12-18, 2013. It will be teamed with Facebook and Twitter accounts: and

“Many of our team are fans of the show,” said Grant Hull, CEO of Enabled Solutions. “There was certainly a drop in productivity as we couldn’t resist watching the segments while working on them,” he said. “ I expect the show will find a natural home on YouTube, as these clips are bite-sized, and still so engaging.”

“Curiosity Show was popular in Europe where winter days are long and parents are always looking for  indoor activities for children,” said Rob. “So mid-winter in Australia seemed a good time to re-launch the program here.”

“That week also includes the anniversaries of many events which we dealt with on Curiosity Show,” said Deane. “They range from the first European report of a kangaroo and discoveries about planets to the opening of the Panama Canal and publication of the first book on Australia,” he said.

Both Deane and Rob see the online delivery of Curiosity Show as a natural step into social media. 

 “For a lot of material, especially making-and-doing segments, online delivery is better than television,” said Rob. “You can freeze or replay segments to see how to make something. You couldn’t do that on television,”  he said.

Curiosity Show won many national and international awards, including the Prix Jeunesse, the world’s top children’s television award. Many individuals have campaigned for years for the return of Curiosity Show. Now it’s happening!

The Curiosity Show YouTube Channel is expected to be a valuable resource for science teachers, especially now that greater emphasis is being placed on developing the science curriculum in all states.

“That’s the beauty of science,” said Deane. “It’s about being curious – wanting to know why things happen and how things work. Science outlasts other trends and fashions, constantly offering something new and surprising and is always fascinating.”

Visit The Curiosity Show’s website at

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