Meet our new IA reporter, Robert Whyte


Robert Whyte, born in Melbourne in 1955, is an Australian scientist, author, editor and journalist.

In 1985 he was production editor for the Conservation Council of Victoria’s magazine ‘Environment Victoria’. Since 1987 he has been a director and co-owner of the Brisbane-based multimedia firm ToadShow. He has taught new media and writing a Griffith University, University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology. During the 1980s and 90s he was a lecturer at the Australian School of Journalism.

Since 2002 he has been an active environmentalist, photographer and nature writer and has written and presented on biodiversity, including Spidiversity, an article published in Australasian Arachnology, and Spydiversity, a column in Wildlife Australia Magazine.

In 2010 he became Director, Save Our Waterways Now, a community environmental organisation restoring habitat in Brisbane’s west. His works on habitat restoration include The Creek in Our Back Yard (2011 & 2013) now its second edition revised and expanded for all of South East Queensland, in a print run of over 31,000 copies, also available as a free ebook at

He and co-author Dr Greg Anderson have been contracted by CSIRO Publishing to write “A field Guide to the Spiders of Australia”, due in 2015. He is currently an honorary researcher in arachnology at Queensland Museum.


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