Contribute to the Queensland Plan

the queensland plan

LSQ are encouraging all Queenslanders to provide their thoughts and ideas to help make sure Queensland remains a great place for generations to come.

Take a moment and answer the questions that have been put to all Queenslanders about the future, and help create our shared 30-year vision.

The following six questions that form the survey were developed collaboratively by more than 400 Queenslanders at a summit in Mackay on 10 May 2013. They are designed to stimulate conversations that focus on important challenges and opportunities, the result of which will be a 30-year vision for Queensland. This vision will then inform how we plan for the future.

  1. In the context of living in the community, how do we move our focus from me to we?
  2. How do we create and foster an education culture that teaches skills and values to meet global challenges and optimise regional strengths?
  3. How do we empower and educate individuals, communities and institutions to embrace responsibility for an active and healthy lifestyle?
  4. How do we structure our economy to ensure our children inherit a resilient future?
  5. How do we strengthen our economic future and achieve sustainable landscapes?
  6. How do we attract and retain the brightest minds and ideas where they are most needed and capitalise on global opportunities?

Please visit for more information on the Queensland Plan.

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