QUT forum cements joint regenerative medicine research with China

qut china partnership

Leading researchers from seven Chinese universities and medical institutions are meeting at QUT Gardens Point this week to form research alliances with QUT’s tissue engineering and regenerative medicine researchers.

QUT’s Professor and Chair in Bone and Tissue Engineering, Yin Xiao who convened the forum, said China has become one of the world’s leading science producers and has a long track record of close scientific cooperation with Australia.

“This forum is designed to allow top scientists from China and Australia to share emerging research findings, strengthen research links, develop collaborative research projects, and student exchanges,” Professor Xiao said.

He said regenerative medicine/tissue engineering is a rapidly growing, multi-disciplinary field that focused on developing implantable scaffolds, devices and therapies which enable the human body to repair and regenerate tissues and organs lost due to congenital abnormalities, injury, disease or ageing.

“The fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine hold great potential to deliver new technologies and techniques to address common medical problems from dentistry, osteoarthritis to muscle and bone injuries,” Professor Xiao said.

“We have invited researchers from China who are leading these specialised research areas in China to share and collaborate with QUT research on these innovations which will underpin the growth of biotechnology and medical technology industries in Queensland and China.”

Professor Xiao said China has advanced expertise in the development of bioactive materials and the fabrication of nano-scale scaffolds which can provide a foundation for cells to grow and can be infused with growth factors and drugs to aid tissue regeneration.

Their work is important to QUT researchers who are leading the way in skin regeneration for wound healing and developing 3D scaffolds to accelerate bone fracture healing and repair joints damaged by osteoarthritis.

QUT researchers at the Forum include Professor Kunle Oloyede who will speak about biomechanics in tissue repair; Professor Zee Upton whose topic is skin repair and regeneration; and, Professor Yin Xiao who will speak about implanting stem cells in scaffolds that will hasten the regeneration of bones.

Researchers from China include former QUT researcher, Professor Chengtie Wu, from the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, who will speak about the use of porous bioglass for bone regeneration; Professor Changsheng Liu from East China University of Science and Technology will speak on growth factor delivery and Professor Jiang Chang from Chinese Academy of Science will discuss the development of bone substitute materials.

Queensland Minister for Science, Information Technology and the Arts Ian Walker and Mr Zhouhua Cao, Consul for Science and Technology Consulate-General of China, and the Vice-President of Wuhan University, Professor Chuangbing Zhou joined in opening the Australia-China Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Research Forum on Wednesday 12 June.

Mr Walker said the forum would build on Queensland and China’s strong science partnership.

“We want to expand our cooperation in areas where we share common interests and complementary strengths,” Mr Walker said.

“We already hold a formal relationship with China’s Ministry of Science and Technology and we are the only Australian state to have a suite of joint funding programs with the prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences.

“I was pleased to have the opportunity to meet with representatives from both the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences on my recent trip to China. Our relationship is an important one that I want to ensure becomes even more fruitful.

“QUT, with its strong base of researchers working across disciplines, encourages collaborations and this is strengthening Queensland’s position in global science and its applications.”

The Australia-China Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Research Forum runs until June 14 and is being held at QUT’s Science and Engineering Centre at QUT’s Gardens Point campus. It will include the signing of four Memoranda of Understanding between QUT and Chinese institutions and tours of QUT’s research institutes and facilities and the Translational Research Institute.

Source: QUT

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