“Castles in the Sand” Queensland Coastal Conference


The Queensland Coastal Conference Steering Committee invites you to attend the 4th Queensland Coastal Conference to be held in Townsville, from 2 – 4 October 2013.

“Castles in the Sand” will explore how we plan for, manage and experience a highly valued and very dynamic natural resource.

This premier event brings together professionals from government, universities, research centres, regional bodies, consultancies and industry, all actively engaged and investing in the Queensland coastal zone and adjoining marine environments.

The 2013 conference program will feature invited keynote speakers, concurrent sessions, workshops, field trips and exhibitors. The conference will centre around six main themes.

  • Barriers & Opportunities – Socio-economics, governance, legislation, tourism and natural resource economics
  • Helping the Reef from the Land – Strategic planning, land use coordination, behaviour transformation and other actions targeted at water quality outcomes by coastal managers and coastal communities for the Great Barrier Reef
  • Research: Innovation – Latest research outcomes, technical and program innovations
  • Land: Sea Dreaming – Outcomes of Indigenous Queenslander activities and programs, State and Australian Government initiatives
  • Local Government & Community Action – Case studies and outcomes of individual and collaborative projects
  • Coastal Hazard Management – Technical advances in mitigation and adaptation, policy, planning and practical action.

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