Transparent Lab Webinar: Emergency Call Systems

If you, a family member or a client lives alone or is home alone for long periods throughout the day or night, an Emergency Call System may prove beneficial. They can empower a client and their family with peace of mind knowing that there is someone there to come to their aid at the press of a button and ensure they can live safely and independently.

By attending LifeTec’s webinar you will learn the difference between monitored and unmonitored systems, become knowledgeable about the different systems available, what they have to offer and possible accessory options available to complement their choice. The one hour webinar will get you up to speed on all the above and allow you to ask questions of an Occupational Therapist.

Date: October 23
Time: 9am-10am, 1pm-2pm
Suitable for: Health professionals, carers, family members and users who may be recommending or purchasing an Emergency Call System, and would like to know more about the different types and products that are available.
Cost: FREE
Register by Friday, 27th September.

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