Free AES Lunch time seminar – TOMORROW Tuesday 17 September: Smarter not harder: Evaluation in the Community Sector

Seminar: Smarter not harder: Evaluation in the community sector

Date and time: Tuesday 17 September 2013, from 12:30 to 1:30 pm
Venue: Community Meeting Room, BRISBANE SQUARE LIBRARY,Ground Level, 266 George Street, Brisbane 4000
Register at:
Register by: 3:00 pm, Monday 16 September 2013
This is a free event.

Presenter: Brentyn Parkin, Chief Executive Officer, My Community Directory, Community Central

Getting reliable data about client participation with minimal staff time is hard enough, but ensuring that the data is consistent across various related programs within or across organisations presents many challenges. Additionally, how can program managers, policy makers and evaluators draw on the diverse range of community service data to conceptualise and assess the social benefit that services provide?

Brentyn Parkin, CEO of My Community Directory, will describe several developments – both technological and conceptual – which make the life of evaluators, researchers and program managers easier. Brentyn will use examples of evaluation frameworks for youth support programs and emergency service programs, to show how data can be elicited using texting and tailored apps with no extra cost, maximising the use of operational data while maintaining confidentiality and meeting very different flexibility requirements of participating organisations. Brentyn will present two useful models for classifying the community sector – one a matrix based on target groups and focus of activities and the other a comprehensive data information standard. Brentyn will demonstrate how these can facilitate communication about the availability of services to match the needs of the community.

Brentyn Parkin (M SocSc, BEd, BA) has led and worked with community sector organisations nationally and overseas for over 15 years and runs a social enterprise that uses up-to-date technologies to increase the usability of community information. Brentyn is passionate about assisting community organisations, government and business to show how they make a difference. He has developed several tools to improve the flow of information and the collection of data, including My Community Directory which now has over 8000 entries and over 40,000 visitors a month. He has rallied organisations across Australia to develop the Australian Community Data Standards which form a common platform for information about community services, reducing the time to find services and identify service gaps. Brentyn is Fellow of the School for Social Enterprise.

AES members and non-members are welcome at this free seminar. You are welcome to bring your own lunch. Tea and coffee will be provided.

As courtesy to the presenter, please ensure you are seated by 12.30 sharp.

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