Tales from the Daintree

In July this year, 16 students from Carey Baptist Grammar School (Melbourne) travelled to the Daintree region and participated in the collection of a range of data designed to profile rainforest structure, the growth rates of rainforest tree species, the species composition of bird populations in the rainforest, and the distribution and abundance of fungi.

A student who came on the program shares their reaction to the experience:

“We spent about 5 days out of our 10 day trip collecting data on things like the diameter of the trees, the height of seedlings, the distribution of fungi and leaf litter and the species composition of the birds that live in the rainforest.”
“I’ve never been the type of person to step out of my comfort zone and the Daintree Program was definitely no walk in the park. I was stretched to new limits. The days started early and ended late. There were lots of problems to solve and difficulties to be overcome, but I would go back in a heartbeat.”

“Spending time with my friends escaping the freezing temperatures of Melbourne was a huge highlight, but it was also great to know that we were doing something that could really make a difference for the future of the Daintree Rainforest.”

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