AIBN Seminar: Dr Nobuyoshi Joe Maeji, CSO, Anteo Diagnostics Ltd

Presenter:Dr Nobuyoshi Joe Maeji


Anteo Diagnostics Ltd


Nano-glues and surface modifications by use of coordination forces


Thursday 10 October 2013



Goddard Building 08, Lecture Room 139

Abstract:Anteo Diagnostics Ltd, based at the Brisbane Technology Park, Eight Mile Plains is commercialising protein binding glues or surface treatments called Mix&GoTM. Mix&Go are aqueous metal polymer solutions that can bind to any surfaces having electron-donating potential to form an activated surface within minutes. In turn, this activated surface will bind proteins in minutes, or can be stored for years with no loss of protein binding activity. Mix&Go represents a “one-size-fits-all” surface chemistry approach in situations where maximum protein performance and uniformity at the surface interface is critical.

The core technology concepts can be classed under the field of supramolecular chemistry. Obviously, these glues can be used to bind synthetic polymers, metallic or polymeric nanoparticles onto different surfaces., and have potential applications outside immunoassays, the company’s current focus. The presentation is an overview on the characteristics of Mix&Go, and a starting point for discussions on common interests between the company and researchers at Uni of Qld.


Nobuyoshi Joe Maeji, CSO of Anteo Diagnostics Ltd. Joe has a BSc in chemistry from UQ, a MPhil from Griffith Uni and a PhD from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. Former Head of Research, Mimotopes, Melbourne and Senior Director in Chiron Corporation, SF, USA.

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