Brisbane Transparent Lab: Early Bird ends tonight…Startup Weekend Brisbane

Early Bird ends tonight….
Developers. Designers. Marketers. Business Folk.

This is a call for you to get your idea off the ground.

Startup Weekend is your chance to collaborate and get involved with a group of motivated individuals hell-bent on disrupting their industry of choice.

It’s not about the money but it helps.

River City Labs’ founder Steve Baxter is offering a $5,000 prize for the most technically advanced startup of the weekend. We want to see action, development and execution, the cash bonus will help the winning team get up and running past the event.

What are you waiting for?
Found a company, find a cofounder, meet someone new, or learn a skill far outside your usual 9-to-5. You are guaranteed to leave the event better prepared to navigate the chaotic but fun world of startups.

Read more about the weekend here

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Put yourself in the shoes of an Entrepreneur, register now.

Dr Jayne Fenton Keane

Manager, Inspiring Australia (Qld) | Chair National Science Week (Qld)

PO Box 3300 | South Brisbane bc | Queensland | Australia

Ph: +61 7 38429220

Mob: 0407571190

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