Calling all Innovators!

Please take a few minutes to join a new meetup group at

BIG Brisbane is an exciting initiative that will be pushing the boundaries of big business, government and not for profit organisations to adopt startup/micro/small business practices to accelerate Innovation. We will also be providing opportunities to learn about how big business and government ‘does business’ so you are aware of their operations/expectations. If you’re a startup, this information will assist you with growing/shaping your business so there are no roadblocks to you doing business with government, seeking Angel/Investor funding or simply growing your business in accordance with your business plan. If you’re in big business, government, a not for profit organisation or an Innovation professional, there will be great opportunities to network within and across sectors.
BIG Brisbane will provide you with opportunities to interact with potential Customers and Mentors. There will also be opportunities for you to discuss your products/services with ‘real life’ business customers as well as hear from government/businesses what problems they are facing that you could be well positioned to solve. In later meetups we will ‘put innovation to work’ and collectively brainstorm solutions to real life problems with a view to establishing collaborative and ‘out of the box’ solutions. To-date the group has received significant interest from government, education, big business, the not for profit sector, investor and startup communities.
The first session next Wednesday (13th November at 5:30pm) is aiming to ‘Demystify the Boardroom’ by focusing on the purpose and functioning of a Board. A Board is critical to the success of a startup looking to establish their repeatable business model and seeking Angel/Investor funding. In this session, you will hear from Kate O’Connor (Australian Institute of Company Directors), Tony Formica (Executive Board member of Cleantech startups) and you will have an opportunity to contribute your experience and knowledge to the discussion also. This session will be of great value to Startup Founders or business people interested in the AICD, networking with Brisbane startups and ‘meeting up’ with other Innovative businesses. The presentations/discussion will be followed by networking drinks and pizza at 6:30pm so RSVP fast to secure your seat.
Jason Murphy.
(BIG Brisbane Organiser)

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