Townsville Transparent Lab: Explore-a-saurus

Townsville Transparent Lab: Museum Tropical Queensland: Explore-a-saurus
Type: Experience
Topic: Dinosaurs
Date: 02 November 2013 – 09 February 2014
Time: 9:30am – 5:00pm
Venue: Museum Tropical Queensland, Townsville
Contact: 07 4726 0600
Entry Fee: Free with admission
Details: Recommended for children 3-8 years old.

Test your strength against a T-Rex jaw, uncover fossils and bones at a dig site and learn about how dinosaurs lived – from how fast they ran to how they digested their food. This is one exhibition you’ll be roaring to sink your teeth into!

This exhibition features animatronic versions of some of the world’s most famous dinosaurs, including Muttaburrasaurus, one of the most complete dinosaur skeleton specimens ever found in Australia, and of course the carnivorous Tyrannosaurus rex, King of the Cretaceous Period.

Uncover fossils and bones, compare the types of plants that dinosaurs ate, examine insects under microscopes, recreate the sounds of various dinosaurs and find out how they digested their food. Look through the eyes of different dinosaurs to learn how carnivores and herbivores saw the world differently.

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