The Storytelling of Science


A special public event will be held this Sunday, 2nd February, to celebrate the anniversaries of three of Australia’s most respected science communication organisations.

This year marks 60 years of the Australian Academy of Science, 50 years of the ABC Science unit, and 20 years of the Australian Science Communicators.

The ABC, the Australian Academy of Science, the Australian Science Communicators, and BrisScience are bringing Australia’s top scientists and communicators together to explore the storytelling of science. See the best in the nation tell their own story of science, and drive their discussion on the stories behind cutting edge science. From the origin of the universe to the exciting technologies that will change our future, this event is one story you will want to hear.

  • Prof Peter Adams, The University of Queensland
  • Prof Tim Flannery, Chair of the Climate Council
  • Prof Jenny Graves, Australian Academy of Science Secretary for Education and Public Awareness
  • Lynne Malcolm, ABC Science
  • Dr Jesse Shore, Prismatic Sciences

Hosted by Dr Andrew Stephenson, BrisScience
Produced by Kali Madden and Andrew Stephenson

When: 3:00pm to 6:00pm on Sunday 2nd February, followed by optional networking at Bacchus, Rydges
Cost: $20 for both general public and delegates.
How: The Storytelling of Science is available on the online registration form as an additional function – book tickets now
Venue: Edge Auditorium, The EdgeState Library of Queensland, South Brisbane.

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