River City Labs Transparent Lab: Build My Robot


2WD Turtle Robot

Build My Robot is a series of interactive classes designed to introduce the concepts of robotics, electronics and software to people of different skill levels. The first of these classes is based around a 2WD ‘Turtle’ Robot.

The emphasis of the classes is on giving you an opportunity to experiment and build the robot yourself, with adequate support available to assist where necessary. This approach means you can work at your skill level and at your pace.

The class runs from 9AM – 3PM on a Saturday at River City Labs. The morning session is spent assembling the mechanical components of the robot and testing the basic functionality of the electronics. A break for lunch is followed by an opportunity to complete a simple program to control the robot. The more advanced users are then able to compete against each other and optimise their software to give the robot speed and dexterity.

The robot kit is chosen so that:

1.It is sufficiently simple for a beginner to assemble.
2.Is sufficiently advanced that further components can be added by more advanced users, providing opportunities for different control and sensory inputs.
The classes are ideal for a parent and child to complete the build together, but equally are challenging enough for seasoned software engineers to get a kick out of controlling a physical robot through code.

The only prior skill required is familiarity with a computer. The rest you will pick up as you go.

We suggest a minimum age of 10 years for participants, but leave it up to you as a parent to decide. Children under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a parent for the duration of the class.